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Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful serves as the environmental education arm of the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council; a council that has been the leader in transforming Rhode Island’s Blackstone Valley into an internationally recognized visitor destination.

Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful is an affiliate of the national non-profit, Keep America Beautiful, and supports their missions of preventing litter, reducing waste and beautifying communities. KBVB brings this message locally to the municipalities of Burrillville, Central Falls, Cumberland, Glocester, Lincoln, North Smithfield, Pawtucket, Smithfield and Woonsocket.

KBVB works with government, business and civic groups in these nine communities that are located in the Blackstone River Valley in northern Rhode Island.  Our organization works to understand their specific needs and create programs that will enhance and beautify their landscapes.  KBVB supports these communities with a program coordinator, a position sponsored by the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council.

Keep America Beautiful, (KAB.org) believes that each of us holds an obligation to preserve and protect our environment. Through our everyday choices and actions, we collectively have a huge impact on our world. It’s really a simple concept, but one with far reaching effects.

Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful shares this belief, as one of 600 national affiliates, and combines education, volunteer programs, and a network to unite citizens, businesses and governments. Our goal is to encourage those living or visiting our area, to understand their environmental impact, and to help by reducing waste, preventing litter and assisting in a number of ways to beautify this area we call home.  Together we build not only regional, but also national success in caring for our environment.