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Please use the form below to let us know how you would like to volunteer for KBVB.


How to be the best recycler
How to start a compost pile
How we can work to end litter
How beautification leads to stronger & happier places to live
About environment job opportunities & internships
More about Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful
How your workplace and reduce waste & recycle more
How your company can become a KBVB corporate volunteer group


Plan & participate at events
Take part in an Earth Day litter clean-up
Beautify a local park or town area
Website design & maintenance
Spread our message to your friends & connections
Share your environmental expertise

Meet Other Environmental Activists: I would like to:

Attend presentations
Enjoy outdoor days on the bike path, hiking or learning places to see in the Blackstone Valley
Become part of our team and attend Keep Blackstone Valley Beautiful meetings
Start a green team at your work or in your community
Spread our message to your friends & connections
Attend environmental events & programs

What is your age?

High school studentAdult 18- 35Adult 35 & olderFamily with adults and children together