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Recycling Must be Sorted From your Trash

While there are many items that belong in the trash, recyclables do not.   We ask people to keep certain items separate from trash, so we can reuse them.  Why throw away a metal can, when if properly sorted it can be made into bicycles, lamps, more cans, or even an airplane.

Sorting recyclables out of your trash makes a huge difference. Not only is it easy, recycling saves a lot of money, the environment and our landfill; all in one simple step.

All you have to do is place accepted recyclables in your recycle bin, and not mix recycling in with your trash.  Unfortunately, everything tossed in your trash bag, goes straight to be landfilled.  There is no way to pull items out of your trash.

Recycling in Rhode Island is Easy

Rhode Island makes recycling easy because what belongs in our curbside recycling collection is the same all throughout our state. We can recycle the same items whether you’re at the beach in South county, going to your town library or visiting downtown Providence.

Recycling in the Curbside Cart

All communities offer recycling to their residents. Recycling and trash is collected right at your curb, but in two different containers.  Your recycle bin/cart is just for recyclables, while your trash is for your weekly household trash.

See what we accept in the RI curbside recycling program.  Please remember, recycling must always be loose in your cart or bin, nothing can be in bags.

Recycle Together Rhode Island

For more information from the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation about why we should recycle, what to recycle, disposing of other items plus FAQs, and a virtual tour, click here.

Be sure to take our recycling pledge.